“We have an innovation addiction… we can’t catch it, but we must continue to chase it.” - KCS Leadership Team

Course Descriptions

Kihei Charter School has developed innovative academic programs that are centered around choice: individualized learning that is personalized and student-centered. Through cutting-edge curriculum and implementing game-changing technology, KCS is able to nurture a new generation of engaged learners.

Academic Policies

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning • All students are unique and deserve a rigorous, creative, and nurturing school environment that encourages them to realize their individual goals and aspirations as they move through their school years. • Our students benefit from learning culturally relevant opportunities and encourage appreciation and respect for diversity. • It is the school’s shared responsibility to develop students’ critical thinking skills necessary for success in the 21st century. • Quality curriculum and instruction, as well as ongoing assessment, are critical elements for student success • Student success is a responsibility shared by all stakeholders: students, families, teachers and staff, administrators, and the community.